first 100 days framework for marketers

First 100 Days

Today, on day 99 of Donald Trump’s presidency, we are launching our ‘First 100 Days’ offering.

The Marketing Society recently reported that the average tenure for UK CMO’s is now only 18 months – for some this is down to choice – for others it’s the result of pressure from the board for marketing to deliver tangible results quickly.

Getting on with the job is important, but shooting from the hip and cracking under demands to ‘just do it’ is a short-sighted approach that can lead to a shortened tenure.

Meanwhile, agencies, partners and even internal teams can often be slow to get behind a new leader’s vision or appreciate their urgency.

Consequently, the first 100 days in the role can be pivotal for a marketing leader to put the foundations in place for both immediate and future success.

Our First 100 Days offering is intended to achieve just this.

First 100 Days is a framework to realise key landmarks that every marketing leader should be aiming to achieve within the early stages of their tenure.

The framework has four main streams that deliver these landmarks within a 100-day timeframe:

  1. Customer – a full understanding of your audience, clearly segmented and developed personas that are integrated into your CRM for sales, marketing and customer services.
  2. Positioning – a powerful and compelling position in market that resonates across your key audiences, allowing you to stand apart from the competition.
  3. Activity – campaigns that land the positioning with your core audiences aligned with their customer journey and channels of choice.
  4. Experience – the digital, physical, sales and content experience each audience has with the brand to realise quick wins and make every touch point with the brand seamless.

Our First 100 Days roadmap to success below shows how each stream develops over the century.

The key landmarks are indicated by their associated icons and pink background, whilst the eagle-eyed will see how the flow of each stream is very particular where one area impacts another to ensure a smooth yet well-informed way of working that leads to great results in the shortest timeframe.

First 100 Days framework

If you are a marketing leader starting a new role, or maybe a marketer who wants to bring this framework into your business, feel free to get in touch at for a no-obligation discussion.

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