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Love Island has divided the nation with people becoming addicted to – or turned off by – the controversial show.

In a nutshell, the show is based on beautiful young people looking for love, or who love the idea of the fame that comes with appearing on the series. This year they’ve soared in the ratings, dominated conversations amongst friends, families and colleagues. And as if Monday’s weren’t bad enough, tonight’s final means our evening entertainment over the past 7 weeks is coming to an end!!

In our opinion here is where they’ve struggled and smashed it. And it’s all about the LOVE.


As the picture suggests we purchased the coveted water bottles and waited for 3-4 days with bated breath for them to arrive. Alas, no sign and after 1 week we logged our concern. After 2 weeks, this escalated to a complaint. We got a lovely email back explaining we were in the next batch – yey!

So, having forked out the best part of £20 per bottle, how could we feel so high and dry? The email alluded to, and the many social posts indicated, that they just didn’t anticipate the demand and the engine wasn’t quite as well-oiled as the Islanders’ bods! Having a backlog and waiting list certainly highlights the scarcity and potentially drives more demand. But, ultimately customers were left posting in social channels with no response to their enquiries regarding their missing orders. In this day and age, the social media team should be integrated with the service team so they can respond to complaints and compliments alike.

But the success of the product itself just goes to reaffirm that Share a Coke was really onto something – simple personalisation ideas connect with the masses. However, gauging the potential demand and garnering feedback about the product during production could have maximised the sales during this moment in time/moment of madness.


The contestants have gained lots of fans and followers due to their popularity based on their partners, personalities, and looks.  So, whether it’s charcoal toothpaste for a bright white smile, fake tan to emulate their bronzed bodies, or a protein powder to get stacked; they’ve been endorsing these on a daily basis and earning a fortune for the posts and pleasure.

Superdrug is the main sponsor for the show, no surprise with their products being perfectly aligned to the pampering people are craving from luscious lashes to plump pouts. So, all islanders stand to make a pretty penny even if they don’t scoop the competition cash prize of £50k. Proving that influencer marketing can be a viable career with brands looking to align with these relatable reality stars.


Fair play, you can’t knock the variety of content disseminated over the different Love Island channels. The hero content (the main evening programme) provides tonnes of material that gets quickly carved up into social posts and polls that generate loads of engagement.

The spin offs are the winners though i.e. Love Island Reactions and the Love Island Reactions Back Up pages. Great content sourcing and selection, proving curation and commentary mean you don’t need to be the originator to gain attention and make an impact!


The Love Island YouTube channel has regular updates of videos and clips from the show with around 3 or 4 clips uploaded each day. And it’s all fairly basic, slapstick stuff. For example, the most popular piece of content on the official Twitter page was a clip of Kem hitting his head in the hideaway which received over 28,000 likes and over 9,300 retweets.

But the main channel engaging the audience is Instagram with over 1 million followers! Perhaps not surprising when YouGov data shows that the viewers of the show are younger and female. Predictably, their hobbies feature shopping and ‘sitting around doing as little as possible’!

People who like Love Island described the show as ‘addictive’, ‘cringey’, ‘dramatic’, ‘easy to follow’ and ‘bizarre’. On the other hand, people who disliked the show described it as ‘crude’, ’embarrassing’, ‘cringey’, ‘boring’ and ‘bizarre’. So it would seem the reasons for loving or hating this show are fairly similar – one person’s love is another person’s loathe. No judgement.

#LoveWhatYouLove #WatchWhatYouWant #HatersGonnaHate

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