the power of linkedin articles & social selling

At Pretty Pragmatic, we’re dedicated to helping brands communicate effectively and achieve real engagement with their customers and clients. But with in-person meetings taking a back seat over the last year and our minds (and newsfeeds) occupied by the challenging times we’re living in; we understand how difficult it is to get your message across to the right people.

As the 2020s force our lives online in new and unprecedented ways, here’s why we believe LinkedIn articles could be the answer to creating those all-important business relationships.

LinkedIn: more connected than ever

Anyone who’s worked within the B2B sector will tell you how important business relationships are in securing new contracts or leads. In fact, up to 73% of trade show exhibitors said they’d attend events to meet new clients or hold meetings with existing clients, pre-pandemic.

With the absence of these opportunities, reaching out via LinkedIn is becoming somewhat of the norm. In 2020, LinkedIn saw a 55% increase in conversations among connections and a 60% increase in content creation on the platform.

Telling your brand’s story through thought leadership

As well as being the top social networking site for getting your paid ads seen by the right people, LinkedIn is used by 96% of marketers to promote organic content such as thought leadership in order to build brand awareness.

Publishing a LinkedIn article via an employee’s personal page offers the opportunity to engage with trending topics in a timely manner, share opinion and expertise, and have direct, one-to-one conversations with the right people. It’s a great way to tell your brand’s story on a more personal level. In fact, LinkedIn users are more likely to follow and engage with a personal account than that of a business.

A surge in social selling

Social media isn’t just for building brand awareness. It also has an important part to play further down the sales funnel, with 76% of buyers happy to discuss purchasing plans with social media connections.

Equipping your sales teams with the tools to share engaging content on LinkedIn boosts the chances of them sparking those new relationships with potential clients and enabling social selling. With 92% of B2B buyers keen to engage with salespeople who are industry thought leaders, a wealth of relevant leads could be just a “publish” button away.

Optimising online engagement

A LinkedIn article is just like any other online content and should be optimised to reach the right people. Including the right keywords and headings will help LinkedIn’s search engine find your content and get it in front of the right people.

Making sure you tag sources, peers and other industry leaders will hugely increase your chances of being reshared or popping up on a broader array of newsfeeds. LinkedIn groups and InMail also provide captive audiences who are relevant to, and might benefit from, your service or product offerings.

To learn more about how to create engaging, optimised content for LinkedIn, send us an email at – we’ll be happy to help!