getting closer to clients


“Agencies should break up current operating models where account teams are gatekeepers to planning and creative.”

“They don’t understand the numbers and can’t build business cases, particularly creative agencies.”

“They think, wrongly, that a marketing director is all-out creative when, in fact, less and less of their time is spent on that.”

All the quotes above are taken from a 2015 survey carried out by the IPA and The Marketing Society to understand client opinions of marketing and advertising agencies.

The findings clearly signify that the traditional agency models are grasping to stay relevant to the real world of a client-side marketer.

The obstruction created by account management ‘gatekeeping’ the relationship.

The desire to keep creativity on a pedestal whilst the remit of the marketing department expands into new territories such as marketing technology and customer experience.

The lack of understanding that ‘big ideas’ for creative campaigns are now a piece of a much bigger puzzle that requires a business case to justify any significant investment.

Agencies so often come to the table with an agenda. They have the answer before a client has even asked the question.

It’s this element of distance from the real business strategy of clients that led to the development of Pretty Pragmatic.

We felt there was a need for greater access. Both ways. The gap between agency and client had gotten bigger rather than smaller, and we felt that needed to change.

Agencies should feel like an extension of the team, but with the remit of providing outside perspective. Stopping the potential tunnel vision that can be inflicted upon marketing teams via the day-to-day processes and pressures within the business.

They should also listen to the problem and answer it in the best way possible, rather than the most profitable or confined to what they are able to deliver in-house.

So it’s a small thing we do here, you can pick up the phone and speak directly to the strategist. Not an account manager who will get them on a conference call with you 48 hours later.

We cover the breadth of what a marketing department now has to consider, from the pretty stuff (brand building, product campaigns, experience ideas, core creative ideas) to the pragmatic stuff (technology implementation, data, customer journeys, personas, content mapping, and CRM).

It means we come to the table impartial.

We don’t have an answer ready to ‘sell’ because our product is strategic problem-solving. Without hearing your business objective, we don’t have a leg to stand on.

We then identify the areas that will get the greatest benefit, form the business case, and then realise the solution with the help of our specialist partners and freelancer ecosystem.

It’s a new model that we’re finding works pretty well.

Give us a call and we can chat it through, you’ll get straight through to us!