The Situation

Barnett Waddingham is the UK’s largest independent provider of actuarial, administration, and consultancy services.

The business had seen continued growth over recent years and wanted to ensure it was continuing to connect with customers, at which point Pretty Pragmatic was contacted to help.

The Sense

The key to creating customer personas is first defining the segments. This involves reviewing all existing customer information, before combining it with external research and market analysis to establish the traits that allow each segment to be uniquely distinguishable.

The process began with a review of Barnett Waddingham’s customer survey data, along with a brand perception study. These findings were combined with competitor and market analysis to provide a full perspective of the market.

However, documentation alone can only offer so much. Once segments start to become apparent, the depth of a persona comes via qualitative insights gained from in-depth interviews and discussions.

Several interviews with customer-facing sector experts within Barnett Waddingham were conducted. Along with a wide variety of customer and prospect interviews, these sessions enabled us to bring out the personality and character traits that put the humanity in a persona.

The Sensational

The findings were consolidated to define a number of customer and prospect profiles. These represented the different people who play a role in the relationship Barnett Waddingham has with its clients.

The identified profiles were then developed into personas – each with a framework that allowed for the depth and breadth of information to be easily digested.

This allowed each persona to have clearly defined traits and characteristics, whilst answering key questions: What is their attitude to risk? How aligned are they to Barnett Waddingham? What content do they prefer? What media channels can we use to reach them? What are the key messages Barnett Waddingham need to use to get their attention?

All important questions that could now be easily answered, helping the business to continue to grow and make an impact with its variety of customers.

The personas were provided as a collective document containing all the fully developed personas. To accompany the collective document, a single page audience infographic was also created that allowed quick reference by various teams across the business. This gave them access to top-level insights about their different customers and prospects at a glance.

Finally, the personas and their traits were presented to the sales, marketing, and partner teams within Barnett Waddingham to bring each audience to life. This helped the team see how they can put the personas to use in their day-to-day communications and continue to build excellent customer relationships via meaningful marketing that has a positive impact on sales.