The Situation

With 53 locations across the UK, Las Iguanas has a sizeable team that spans a variety of skills – from cocktail mixologists behind the bar to master chefs in the kitchen.

The recruitment team at Las Iguanas asked Pretty Pragmatic to help develop and position their Employer Value Proposition (EVP) specifically targeting managerial candidates, and win over the top talent in hospitality.

The Sense

Recruitment in the hospitality sector has become increasingly competitive. The power of choice now sits firmly with the individual, rather than the organisation as they look for what they can gain from a career. But of course, it is all about finding a good fit between the candidate and the company.

Together, we worked through the changes in the market, the challenges in reaching top quality candidates, and what these people expected of their organisation – which included benefits but also job satisfaction and well-being at work.

We delved into the qualities Las Iguanas looked for in its people that they also possessed. There were four key themes:

Fun, Passion, Consistency, and Generosity.

We then went about positioning these from the outside in, rather than the inside out. Las iguanas looks for these qualities in their staff, so they have always nurtured these traits as part of their culture:

FUN – they make workplaces fun, and places where people can be themselves.

PASSION – they care passionately about their staff, and nurture their passion in turn.

CONSISTENCY – they make every day brilliant, and make high quality meals and drinks that continuously delight customers.

GENEROSITY – they have a giving nature, and want people that are natural givers.

The Sensational

When creating the campaign messaging it was essential to get the EVP and the punchy tone of the Las Iguanas brand across. We create overarching messaging to communicate the values to prospective employees, which set the tone for the entire campaign.

The campaign concept ‘A RECIPE FOR SUCCESS’ embodied the message about Las Iguanas’ year-on-year growth alongside the optimum blend of ingredients and options within their EVP. The campaign look and feel kept real employees front and centre, adding a sprinkle of spice, and the signature Las Iguanas style to create an authentic, stand out, on-brand campaign.

The overarching brand video was the centrepiece featuring on the ‘Why Las Iguanas?’ page and sub-messaging vignettes were included for each EVP pillar to break the content into bite-sized segments for the audience. The digital journey was optimised to maximise quality applications with the right tracking and goals put in place to properly assess the campaign’s effectiveness.

Understanding the candidate journey was critical to the success of the campaign, ensuring the right candidates were targeted via the right channels. The communications strategy was fuelled by social posts, gifs, images, and videos to make as much impact as possible. These were seeded via social media and supported with search advertising to reach the best candidates.

The proof in the pudding

Not only did Las Iguanas now have an evergreen campaign with supporting content and assets that could attract candidates on an ongoing basis, but they immediately saw page visits increase by ~60%, and an ROI of ~10:1 and increasing!