The Situation

Following a brand refresh and a new menu launch, Las Iguanas wanted to grow bookings and walk-ins to their 53 restaurants across the UK.

With an ambitious sales target, the Latin American restaurant chain turned to Pretty Pragmatic to help make it happen.

The Sense

The UK restaurant trade had shrunk 1.9% year-on-year in the first four months of 2018. So when the occasion came to launch the campaign in May, the industry wasn’t in the best shape, particularly the hotly contested casual dining sector.

In a cluttered market, our strategy needed to make the most of what made Las Iguanas
different – being a Latin American restaurant and bar, with a vibrant atmosphere to boot!

To inspire and educate those who don’t already know of the variety of Latin American food and drink – but also be smart with the brand’s ability to transition between a restaurant and cocktail bar – promoting the extensive drinks menu that offers 2-for-1 cocktails all day, every day.

The campaign was designed to work in two ways:

TO ACQUIRE NEW CUSTOMERS by winning over undecided diners searching for an interesting restaurant option. As well as making Las Iguanas the cocktail bar of choice among the post-work and weekend crowd.

TO INCREASE FREQUENCY of visits with eye-catching retargeting activity, encouraging previous guests to try new offerings, and reach potential new customers at key times – particularly for upcoming events and occasions such as hen-dos and birthdays.

The Sensational

Initially there was some housekeeping to take care of. Refining the UX of key web pages, making sure they were properly tracked, and optimising their search visibility.

This was then followed by the creation of over 100 search ads that ran across different audiences and categories – spanning those looking to immediately find a nearby bar, to those planning a party.

A photoshoot was arranged, where in-restaurant images were captured that would populate key web pages, digital ads, and promotional materials.

Thumb-stopping social content was created, spanning static images, GIFs, and videos – all with a playful tone and colourful style to catch the eye of those scrolling through their mobile feeds.

Content spanned meal inspiration during the week; timely encouragement for an after work drink; party ideas for upcoming birthdays; weekend socialising suggestions; and pre-event nudges for Sunday’s bottomless brunch – to name just a few.

The social content gave our audience exciting ideas, whilst the search activity gave them great suggestions.

And the results showed we had more than bucked the trend in the industry!

YEAR-ON-YEAR SALES INCREASED BY OVER 9%, whilst the rest of the industry saw an average 0.6% decline.

It was time to toast success, which was even sweeter with 2FOR1 cocktails!