A bit about us

Pretty Pragmatic was founded in 2015 to give brands greater access to the knowledge and capabilities that positively impacts their marketing.

We’re a strategic marketing agency. It means we can do the creative work of a traditional ad agency, but we know there’s much more to think about than just an ad.

It’s our mission to give brands marketing strategies and activity that complements their unique qualities and challenges, allowing them to realise their full potential.

Our name originates from an appreciation that there’s a balance to strike – ‘pragmatic’ because we know our strategies need to deliver real-world results, and ‘pretty’ because that shouldn’t come at the expense of ambition and creativity.

We’re members of a few organisations that we believe are important to this way of working:

Launching Samsung’s first brand campaign for the GALAXY S2 and having since helped digitally launch Samsung’s products with content that has had over 30 million views, and earned coverage in AdAge.

Rebranding and creating a new campaign for Abbey Well water, Coca-Cola’s UK bottled water brand, which became the fastest growing brand in Coke’s European portfolio in the year that the activity took place.

Working with the UK brand and marketing teams to help establish how Vodafone communicates and interacts with UK businesses and the public sector in order to strengthen its customer relationships.

Establishing a persona marketing strategy for Sage to effectively engage with small businesses that also allowed a consistent approach across their various agency partners.

Creating campaigns and marketing plans for a range of Microsoft brands, including IE, Office and Windows, as well as the holistic small business marketing strategy.

Developing the pan-European digital strategy, which included the 4th most viewed YouTube video in France that year. Digital drove more sales than it had ever done before for the brand.

Leading the strategy for Wolf Blass’ sponsorship of Sky Sports coverage of the Ashes in 2013-14. The activity led to sales more than doubling amongst the target audience.

Managing the marketing approach across the South West of the UK, implementing account based marketing and best practice direct marketing strategies and tactics.

Forming the social media strategy for cloud services across both the US and EMEA, that has since been recognised by the IPA in the UK for its outstanding ROI.