The Situation

Payne & Gunter is a leading catering brand that has served some of Britain’s most prestigious events since 1786 and is now part of the Compass Group.

Despite being the hit caterers of The Brit Awards, earning Royal recognition at Royal Windsor Horse Show, and serving up ace culinary options at Wimbledon, the brand wasn’t getting the visibility and interest it deserved through digital channels – so they turned to Pretty Pragmatic to help them to get served.

The Sense

The team at Payne & Gunter approached Pretty Pragmatic following a sales meeting where they realised the visibility of their site on search engines and across social media was falling short of their expectations.

During the meeting the team took an outside perspective and searched a number of terms they would expect to return Payne & Gunter pages as they were relevant to their offering.

Unfortunately, they were unable to find their brand feature in any of the first 10 pages.
Pretty Pragmatic conducted an SEO and website audit to determine where improvements could be made, along with establishing the keywords that would help the brand attract more prospective clients.

The findings of the SEO audit revealed that of the 45 most important keywords, the brand didn’t rank in the top 100 search results on Google for any of them.

A comprehensive list of recommendations was then actioned to improve the structure of the website, so it was more discoverable via search. Improved website tracking and conversion setting enabled channel attribution to see where new leads and prospects were coming from.

These website adjustments were made in parallel with social media training for the events team to enhance and grow Payne & Gunter’s digital presence.

The Sensational

Following the website restructuring, new copy, meta information and other SEO improvements were made to web pages to further improve their performance in Google.

As per the recommendations, new content was created and published on the website, including case studies of Payne & Gunter’s most interesting and challenging events, from the BRIT Awards to the Queen’s approval of the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

Monthly blog content was created to both sell the Payne & Gunter proposition and boost SEO performance for the identified 45 keywords – with content ranging from profiles of the celebrity chef partnerships with the likes of Bryn Williams & Dipna Anand, to revealing how Payne & Gunter construct alfresco kitchens especially for large scale events.

Along with the content and website adjustments to give the brand more visibility for organic search; paid search activity was carried out to help fill in the gaps and give the brand a boost whilst the website rankings improved in Google – helping attract enquiries that would otherwise have passed them by.

Finally, social media management has ensured that the brand has continued to grow its presence across social media, including a 32% increase in followers on Instagram with content improvements and increased interaction with target accounts.

Since Pretty Pragmatic started working with Payne & Gunter 12 months ago, the brand has now seen an 186% growth in organic search website traffic, including a 63% increase in time on the website from organic traffic.

The improvement in SEO has been significant, with Payne & Gunter now appearing in Google over 2,600 times a day, up from the 4 times a day they were appearing before Pretty Pragmatic kicked off the SEO strategy.

Payne & Gunter now ranks in Google for 39 of the identified keywords, with the brand having 11 keywords where they are in the top 10 results, and 2 where they are number 1 – all for keywords where previously the brand wasn’t even in the top 100.

Payne & Gunter now has chart-topping digital visibility a lot more befitting of a brand accustom to serving the top of the pops at the BRIT Awards.

Pretty Pragmatic are a great agency partner exceeding our expectations of our search results and simplifying the search jargon, so we understand what we are doing and how it works.

We wanted to attract more opportunities and have a stronger digital presence, in a short space of time we are achieving both and more – with quality content to ensure we’re putting our best foot forward when it comes to how people find us.

Jayne Denneny - Sales Manager